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Charlie's dog Training services "wags and wiggles"





 Charlies dog training services wags and wiggles is a registered business.

 My name is Clarice but as everyone calls me Charlie, that's the name I go by.

 I have a long history of animal care, mostly my own, but also family and friends,

 From pet sitting to washing of dogs and training too.

 Previous employment in the U.K. I looked after elderly people in their own homes,

 My dog was a Lab and I trained her to be a very good companion to the people in my care.

 My training of dogs is done in a dog friendly way, pain free and reward based.



  Canine first aid certified

 Canine Training Instructor 

 Canine learning theory, nutrition, enrichment.

 Puppy, teen dog and adult dog, classes,

 Case studies and assessments.

 I.M.D.T (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

 Courses attended so far: Career as a dog trainer, Perfect puppy foundations,   Canine aggression and rehabilitation+the 4 day Practical Instructors course.

 Scent detection and PTSD/Therapy dog.

 Canine coaching diploma - Canine Principles

 The School of Canine Science - Puppy lab

                                           - 30 Days of Canine Science

                                           - Scent For Six 


  But most important I love dogs of all shapes and sizes

 In fact I love all animals, and believe they deserve the best care, they give so much to   us!

 I offer One-2-One training in your own home or at a safe venue.

 Giving you lots of useful information, that you will be able to use throughout your   dogs life.

 Content of sessions can be molded to suit most requests.

 I cover a wide area: Please contact me for travel costings to your area. 

 Please contact me for more  information on this service : or   Tel. 087 608 9791




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