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This is a great 6 week course
Video instruction
Good Dog - level 1
Teaching you how to have a 'Good Dog'.
Everything from sit-stay, walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, to calm relaxed behavior and attention on you 

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This course is for life once purchased.

It is suitable for all dog owners and dogs
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Other options available  
Check out page for payment plans

Prepay training session
€59.99 + travel costs if applicable

 Time to train your dog?


Phone Consultation

Email of information and training sheets

Premium training Package €199.99

This option gives you phone and email consultation, Good dog level 1 - '6 week video instruction course' Training 1-2-1 session plus a follow up phone call to trouble shoot 

Good dog Level 1
Plus Phone / Email consultation €99.99




Budget Smart
Spread the cost                   
with monthly payments


 All cases considered.


Home visit one-2-one - at a time that suits you.


I am garda vetted for your piece of mind.


€55 Includes: Training session, pain free reward based training.

An assessment of your future training needs, your expectations and general information on your dog, Plus a training plan and practical help.

Continuing support also given over the phone or by e-mail.


If you want to teach your dog basic manners: Sit before going through an opened door, Stay, leave it, lay down, bed, off, walking nicely on lead, come when called or house training.

Or if you'd like to know how your dog learns, so you can teach tricks or special duties give me a call or e-mail, to arrange a meeting.


I offer a totally confidential service

My history of training:

Canine coaching diploma - Canine Principles

Canine first aid certified

Canine training instructor 

Canine learning theory, nutrition, enrichment.

Puppy, teen dog and adult dog, training.

Case studies and assessments.

I.M.D.T (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

courses attended: Career as a dog trainer, Perfect puppy foundations, Canine aggression and rehabilitation and the 4 day Practical Instructors course.

The School of Canine Science - The Puppy Lab

                                           - 30 Days of Canine Science

                                           - Scent For Six - WSDA 

                                           - 1st year Behaviour Bible 

Payment details above, Cash is also accepted. 


Terms & Conditions apply for all bookings

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